Benefits of Co-op Living

What's the difference between co-op living and regular tenancy?

Co-op Member and Resident

  1. To have security of tenure
  2. To help set the conditions of occupancy.
  3. To participate in establishing and approving the Housing charges.
  4. To set Housing Charges that only cover costs with no profit to anyone.
  5. To help create and use extra facilities, for example the Laundromat, playground and Community Room.
  6. To participate in Management by coming to General Meetings or serving on the Board or Committees.

Ordinary Tenant

  1. Tenure is subject to the Lease.
  2. Conditions of Occupancy are set by the Landlaord.
  3. Rents are set by the Landlord.
  4. Rents are set to make a profit for the Owner.
  5. Availability and use of common facilities is determined by the Landlord.
  6. Tenants normally have no right to participate in the Management.